What made the 'Tramp’ character so iconic?

Tramp character played by Chaplin 1Every actor in the film industry wants to leave a mark. Charlie Chaplin is one of the British actors that shaped the silent-film era of the 21 st century. He was born in 1889, April 16. Chaplin grew to achieve the position of a director. He is best known of “The Tramp” as his trait and is remembers for films such as the Modern Times and the City Lights.There are also some memorable short movies we can see, featuring the fantastic mimic actor. For instance, in the Immigrant we can watch him desperately trying to use all his abilities to beat his opponents in dice, and card games. For the younger generations, including the millenials, as when entertainment comes up, we immediately associate to online casinos. Especially free slots, where we don't even have to risk. A number of jackpots and themes are taking care of to keep our attention, just like Marvel and Hollywood slots. In the good old times, these games were more simplified, and social interactions played a more important role. For a short period, the working class could just forget about the stress of the every-days, and they have been celebrating even the tiniest winnings. Or in times, give sound to their fury that followed some of the rounds. Chaplin is doing an exceptional job presenting the era when the enjoyment of the game was more important than money.

The Tramp did not wake up and become great in just a day. It took time and there are particular aspects that made him stand out. The choice of clothing of Charlie Chaplin played a big role in making him stand out especially while he was acting the film character of the memorable Tramp. In his words, a famous Hollywood Costume exhibitionist, Charlie Chaplin grew to fame from the mode of dressing while acting the character Tramp. The trousers were too baggy, the jacket buttoned too tight, oversize shoes that he wore on the wrong feet, and a bowler hat that was simply too small for his head. All these pieces made a combination that defined his place in the world, his screen personality and placed him in a unique slot in the film industry.

Tramp character played by Chaplin KThe Tramp character was the image that the world recognized the most because of the mustache that the screen persona had. The combination of the dressing style and the cap that crowned the head added to the uniqueness of the Tramp painting a unique image that could later go down the memory of the world. The Tramp was a representation of an impoverished everyman adding up to the mass popularity. Nobody could anticipate laughter in a moment of desperation and want. The Tramp is a character in the books of film that could turn devastating circumstances of laziness, and hunger into a comedy unwanted. The character was an egoistic artistic performer. The clean mustache and delicate features that the Tramp possessed made him stand out making difficult for one to mistake him for a fugitive or a real vagrant.

The Tramp transformed the film culture. He lacked a national identity and wherever he made an appearance he could just show without speaking sharing most ordinary generosity values. The Tramp appeared funny demonstrating exceptional timing for comedy and brilliance in athleticism. The Tramp was a shift character in the films. At one part, such as in the film “Kids Auto Race,” he is just an observer that is constantly interrupting the race’s filming. In other broadcasts such as the “City Lights,” the Tramp is a kind man earning money to facilitate a blind woman to regain her sight. In the show “The Kind,” the Tramp is a caring man that takes care of the little boy in the film. The Tramp also stood out because of his uniqueness in blending humane experiences with love in painting a picture of people in their work lives.

This is something that though there were many films depicting the livelihoods of urban workers and immigrants, none had achieved so much a human experience comparable to that of the Tramp. Another issue that made the Tramp so icon was his role in the film “The Great Dictator” in which the moustache made the Tramp so similar to Adolf Hitler the German dictator painting a dark part of the Tramp as a dictator.

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