Charlie Chaplin’s most influential movies

films with ChaplinCharlie Chaplin is still considered to be one of the greatest filmmakers of all time and is one of the most influential artists ever to have lived. His character “The Tramp" is as universally recognizable as characters like Mickey Mouse and many filmmakers alike were influenced by Chaplin’s movies. In this article, we will dive into some of his movie and explain as to why they are so influential.

The Kid was the directorial debut of Charlie Chaplin and was not only a highly successful movie but also paved the way for other artists like Buster Keaton to start directing and starring in their own movies. The Kid is one of the more heartbreaking movies that Chaplin has produced. The story revolves around Charlie’s character and a kid that he helped raise being separated by child services. The movie is an excellent portrayal of the poverty that plagued the world in the 1920’s and showed that comedy and tragedy go hand in hand in creating an excellent story.

One of Chaplin’s highest rated movies, City Lights is also one that has influenced lives for many more years. It’s the most romantic movie which he has created in which Tramp falls in love with a blind flower girl, but doesn’t tell her that he’s a complete nobody. Charlie’s character becomes friends with an alcoholic millionaire who only remembers their friendship when he’s drunk. In order for Tramp to pay for an eye surgery for the girl, he needs to navigate his friendship with the drunk millionaire in a way that can only be described as hilarious and frustrating at the same time. Although the movie is one of the funniest and most heartwarming movies that he has produced, this is not the reasons as to why it’s so influential. The movie’s greatness comes through its cinematography that was only pulled off due to Chaplin’s extremely perfectionistic nature. Single scenes within the movie could take up to 2 months of production time as Chaplin had to get everything perfectly. Everything on set had to move precisely as he wanted it, in order for scenes and gags to work. This movie emphasized the importance of movement and cinematography within movies, which pushed the entire movie industry forward.

A Chaplin movie that is becoming increasingly relevant is The Great Dictator. The film is one of the first feature films that actively protests against politics, government and military issues. Charlie portrays both a fictional dictator inspired by Hitler and a Jewish barber and during the movie he gives one of the most iconic speeches that has ever been put on film. The movie actively protests against fascism as well as anti-semitism and Nazi Germany. Besides being Chaplin’s most financially successful movie, it also opened cinema up for other politically charged movies. Despite The Great Dictator being made in the 40’s it’s still relevant today. The movie explores the dark sides of fascism that are still glaring issues in today’s modern society. This just goes to show how accurate the movie is on these issues and what an excellent filmmaker Chaplin was. Modern movies protesting politics and other issues in the world still look towards The Great-Dictator as a source of inspiration.

Charlie Chaplin’s movies are still relevant and influential today and are a gift to the world. He is without a doubt one of the greatest artists that has ever lived and should be held in this regard.

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