Hated in Hollywood: Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin and Hollywood GAlthough Charles Chaplin (Charlie as he was commonly known) was a celebrated actor in the film industry, he was also a man of controversy throughout his career life. Charlie never became an American citizen although he lived in the US for about forty years.

As a prominent figure acting in the film industry, Charlie had a massive following which undoubtedly could lead a section of Americans to borrow his thoughts. Things became sour when Charlie openly expressed his thoughts putting him forth as sympathizer of communism, something that was abominable among the American nation. Chaplin became under the surveillance of the FBI during the reign of McCarthy after which a congressman from Mississippi initiated his deportation. Dating back to 1952, after his visit to England, Charlie was in need of a re-entry visa to access a residence that had been his home for over forty years. He was denied the visa. During these times, Charlie became a man of challenges with so little strength and ability to make his return to California, it was impossible for him. He therefore made up his mind to settle to at a small Switzerland-based town known as Vevey; a residence located on the northern side of Lake Geneva. At this point Charlie applied to become a Swiss citizen.

Things never worked well either. Following the reports of denial of a visa to make his way into the United States, the Swiss government prospected substantial reasons for the denial of a re-entry visa, and subsequently turned down Charlie’s request to become its citizen. Although some people may fault the Swiss government for failing to issue a citizenship to Charlie, most people agree the United States is primarily responsible for all these challenges that this famous actor was facing. The American nation was responsible for exiling Charlie Chaplin, a great artist and a defender of freedom rights and equality for all people. The United States sentenced Charlie without trial proving its detestable execution of brutal judgments upon its citizen. It is worth to note that Charlie Chaplin was not a citizen of the United States neither has any account risen as prove that he ever applied for US citizenship. One could remark that Charlie is a victim of his own circumstances.

The continued challenges of citizenship denial are justifiable because of the fact that with the neutral political philosophy that Swiss holds, it was best to deny Charlie the chance to acquire Swiss citizenship. Another controversy that surrounds Charlie is his stand for communism. In his film, The Great Dictator, Charlie brings forth communism ideologies believing that communism is the future of the world. These statements are in direct opposition to the American capitalist nation and so their value was only short lived. Charlie Chaplin is a figure that got himself into a controversy in which he departed from the comedy that was his main mission, violating the artistic code expected of him. Throughout his artistic work, Charlie had the commitment to keep people smiling and this is evident in “Smile” the song that won him great fame and symbolized the essence of his mission for life. Real artist live up to their mission and cannot at any instance betray their call for life.

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