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Four talented people, a scriptwriter, a website head writer, a site editor and contributing writer, come together to develop a film that they feel that will change how people looks at the world. These people have a goal, which is, working tirelessly to make sure that they produce the best. Although the geeks have different pasts and come from different backgrounds, their goal is to join forces and talents to develop films that will be the game changer. Each person has his part to play to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They call themselves 'The Controllers' as they are the control of everything behind the curtains.

The website head writer: Raymond Bateman

A young film student from a local university is the new talk of the town. His main roles are ensuring that their website is always up to date. The internet nerd has always had a desire to join the film industry from a young age. Now a film student and a website head writer, the nerd has shown exemplary talent in the film industry. His creativity and passion for changing the world through Filmography have made him the envy of very student at his university.

The site editor: Donald Hall

A mid-forties film teacher is the site editor of this crew. The film teacher did not wake up one day to find himself the site editor of a film industry. The years he has spent teaching Filmography, and his passion for art and films is what propels him to bring the best to the table. Being a teacher and a site editor is quite a big task, but this hustler’s relentlessness is what has made him able to deliver the best results. He works closely with the website head writer to ensure that the film is the next thing that people will be glued to.

The scriptwriter: Oscar Murray

Script writing is usually the center of the operation. If the story is captivating and the flow is continuous, then the film or movie will be enjoyable as well. A young upcoming singer and actor have been writing scripts for the crew for quite some time now. Her talent and creativity are on another level. She has a way of making the scripts sound true, with a sense of suspense that leaves everyone’s mouth agape. This singer even writes her own songs, and she is the next music star and head-turning actress.

Contributing writer: Arthur Savoy

When I was young, I used to hear people rant that old is gold but I never understood that phrase until I met this retired Vaudeville singer, who is also the contributing writer in “the controllers.’ The retired singer, together with the scriptwriter, work together to ensure that the plot development is continuous and relevant to the film. Their talents and creativity are what makes the scripts outstanding.

Judging from the above personalities, it is evident that no man is an island. This is because people need each other in one way or the other. More so, it can be challenging to chase your dreams if you work alone. The controllers’ togetherness and teamwork have made it possible for them to grow and pursue their dreams even though they all have used different paths to reach where they are now. We welcome all comments and contributions you may have for us. Write to us today.


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